Welcome to the
7th Annual Smoky Mountains Computational Sciences Data Challenge (SMCDC23)

SMC Data Challenge 2023 provides an opportunity to tackle scientific data challenges that come from eminent datasets related to Oak Ridge Laboratory (ORNL). These datasets come from scientific simulations and instruments in physical and chemical sciences, electron microscopy, bioinformatics, engineering, materials science, neutron sources, urban development, and other areas, and will have open research questions and tasks for participants to solve. These datasets will be used for the SMC Data Challenge (SMCDC2023) competition. Selected solutions to these challenges will be given a DOI (https://doi.ccs.ornl.gov/). 

All participants must obtain an ORNL conference access approval to participate in the poster sessions and webinars for this competition. Respond promptly to all ORNL access invitations and emails from the organizers to avoid potential delays. 

Submit Your Solution 

  • Solution papers are due July 28 at midnight anywhere. Please submit papers to EasyChair  https://easychair.org/my/conference?conf=smcdc23. You will need to create an EasyChiar account if you do not have one already. 
  • Papers should be between 6 and 8 pages in length and contain the following sections: a proposed solution to one of the data challenges, background and related work, approach and uniqueness, results, and contributions. 
  • Your code may be included as an appendix to the pdf beyond the page limit. Papers will be peer-reviewed and judged by the program committee based on how well they cover these aspects of the work.
  • Selected contributions will be given a DOI (https://doi.ccs.ornl.gov/).  You do not need to have a complete solution to compete. If you have done any work at all on this challenge, we encourage you to write it up.  You may also be invited to give a lightning talk and/or poster at the SMC Conference in August. 
  • We do not have a required template outside the sections and length suggested above, but if you are looking for template to follow, we suggest the Springer Data challenges templates.


Important Dates

Solution Submission Timeline

CurrentWebsite Live
03/15/2023Data Challenge Open
03/15/2023Challenge Registration Opens
05/19/2023SMC Data Challenge Kick-off zoom meeting
06/30/2023Challenge Registration Closes
07/28/2023Solution Submission Due
08/1/2023Solution Acceptance Notifications Due
08/29/2023SMC Conference Day 1
08/30/2023Data Challenge Posters/Lightning Talks day
08/30/2023Data Challenge Awards Time


DOI Timeline: DOI Acceptance Due 09/07/2023

Note: The data sponsors and committee members will review the solutions from participants and the accepted solutions will be given a DOI and the teams will be invited to the conference.