2020: Challenge 7

The Kaggle CORD-19 Data Challenge


As governments, policymakers, and scientists across the globe are racing to identify potential vaccines and drugs for SARS-CoV-2, many scientists hope the information needed to identify a vaccine lies in the millions of available research documents. To support mining information from research literature, the White House, along with leading industries, has made a dataset of research publications directly related to the outbreak available to the general public [1]. Some of the most important questions pertaining to the outbreak which were identified by the US NASEM and the WHO, were published as part of a public challenge along with the publication dataset on Kaggle [2].

We invite submissions describing complete or partial solutions to any of the 10 Kaggle COVID-19 Open Research Dataset Challenge (CORD-19) Tasks to SMCDC for consideration for a best solution paper award, poster presentation, and publication in the conference proceedings.

The SMCDC poster session will give selected researchers perusing the CORD-19 dataset a place to present their work and discuss it with other researchers. Submissions will still need to follow the SMC Data challenge format of submitting a 6-8 page paper describing your partial or complete solution. Please see the call for papers for the full submission


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The Kaggle CORD-19 Challenge is a separate challenge from SMCDC and can be registered for at Kaggle.com.